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National campaign promoting the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme

Since November 2016 Ministry of Economic Development has conducted the promotional campaign promoting the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme "With the Swiss precision we develop Poland". Its main aims are:

  • To build the awareness in Polish general public of the Swiss support for the development of Poland  via the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme (SPCP) – by demonstrating what has been done within this Programme, how efficiently the funds have been employed and what results have been achieved;       
  • To encourage good practice in the regions involved  and all over Poland;      
  • To demonstrate and boost Polish-Swiss cooperation and partnership.

The campaign covers:

  • A radio campaign composed of 4 spots 30 sec each. The product-oriented campaign is devoted to  projects in all the 4 focus areas distributed in the 4 privileged regions;
  • A tv image-oriented campaign broadcasting two 30 second image building spots;
  • A video campaign addressed to the whole Poland including the privileged regions using  You Tube, vimeo, internet players, vod platform as well as  other commercial video  service networks;
  • A series of four citylight posters combining  image-building message with regionally adequate project-oriented message to be distributed in in the capital cities of the 4 privileged  voivodships;
  • A photo exhibition- photo account of the SPCP results - to be displayed at selected railway stations and bus terminals;
  • PR instruments.

The campaign will be ended in April 2017.