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Rules of calls for proposals

The calls for proposals have been terminated.

For each subject area call for proposals has been carried out.  In case of project application system one can observe two basic calls for proposals – open and restricted.

Open call

Open call for proposals has been organised in those focus areas, which specifics in terms of the size of allocation, allows to award grants to relatively substantial number of projects.

Restricted call

Respective Intermediate Body / National Coordination Unit in co-operation with relevant ministry identifies projects eligible for the co-financing, with help of the Framework Agreement provisions as well as the method coherent with the specifics of particular focus area.

In general, application process is based on two – level procedure: preparation of the Project outline and elaboration of the Final Project Proposal. Positive decision on the Project outline results in the request for elaboration of the Final Project Proposal by the applicant. Both of the Project outline and the Final Project Proposal is assessed by Polish and Swiss institutions. The final decision on the financing request is made by Swiss side.

While submitting a project outline, a request for the use of the Project Preparation Facility can be made. This facility provides financial support for the preparation of final project proposals (e.g. feasibility studies, environmental impact, etc.).